X-Ray in Chiropractic

The objective of the X- rays is usually to review the fitness of the bone anatomy and soft cells. It can also help the chiropractic specialist be aware of the degree of stress in, any anomalies with your spine, as well as other aspects that can guideline the creation of the treatment strategy.

Your specific condition may require us to take x-rays to get a full evaluation of a patient. X-rays help us rule out more serious conditions or assist us in developing the most effective treatment plan for you. Most people are amazed once they their x-rays and can often immediately identify their misalignments and degeneration themselves.

A physical exam will be performed which may include orthopedic and neurological testing, reflex assessments, muscle testing, and a specific Chiropractic evaluation. In some cases X-rays may be necessary to determine an exact diagnosis. We have X-ray equipment onsite for your convenience.

Does chiropractic care require X-rays?

X-rays can play an important role in diagnosis. They may be taken when the patient case history and examination determines they are necessary. Chiropractors at the Maplewood Wellness Center have receivedcertification in diagnostic imaging covering a full range of topics from protection, to X-ray interpretation and diagnosis. Regulatory agencies have recognized this chiropractic training and competence to take and interpret X-rays as part of their services.

Dr. Feiler will evaluate the results of the exam and x-rays during a consultation with you.Depending on your condition, Dr. Feiler may recommend a series of visits for care, but it always up to you, the patient, to decide if you want to proceed with treatment.