Check all of the following symptoms you have experienced in the past 6 months :

 Low Back Pain Shoulder Pain Wrist / Carpal Tunnel Neck Pain Hip Pain Arthritis Pain Between Shoulder Blades "Pinched Nerve" Rotator Cuff Auto Accident (last 3 months) Tension Across the Top of Shoulders TMJ (clicking or painful jaw) Tension / Headaches Tingling / Numbness in Arms or Hands Poor Flexibility
 Migraines Tingling / Numbness in Legs or Feet Fibromyalgia Mid Back Pain Foot Pain / Plantar Fascitis Knee Pain Pulled or Cramping Muscle Poor Posture Asthma Bunions Hand Pain Shin Spints Goin Pull Hamstring Pull Golfer Elbow / Tennis Elbow

Would you like to get rid of it? :

What have you done proactively to resolve the symptom :