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Neuropathy Relief in Coral Springs: Maplewood Wellness

Neurocare Pro in Coral Springs: The Neurocare Pro Thigh-High 442 Boot and the 364 Calf-High 364 boot use advanced LED light therapy to reduce pain and improve sensation in neuropathy patients. It is understood that peripheral neuropathy is systemic and even though neuropathy patients may feel symptoms in the feet or hands, treating the entire legs and arms can significantly add to the overall efficacy of treatments. By increasing the blood flow in the entire arms and legs, can help the increasing blood flow to the hands and feet.

Peripheral Neuropathy relief with this safe and non-invasive technology can restore quality of life!  This LED Photobiomodualtion (light therapy) can  be used as a primary or ancillary modality. Our healthcare professionals are here to work with you on your health goals. Get started today and get your life back!

Some of the common conditions that Neurocare Pro can treat:

  • Peripheral Neuropathy
  • Arthritis
  • Restless Leg Syndrome
  • Athletic Recover
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Cellulitis
  • Planter fasciitis
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)
  • Pulled Muscle recovery
  • Tendinitis
  • Shin Splints

How does it work?

Light therapy triggers the release of nitric oxide, often called the miracle molecule. Nitric oxide is the body’s natural vasodilator as it widens the blood vessels and capillaries. When you come in for your sessions, the comfortable boot (thigh high or calf high) is worn. The tissue absorbs the light and the body has a natural reaction. It is completely noninvasive and painless. We will work with you to formulate the best treatment route to manage your condition.

Our Patients ❤️ Our Care

Dr. Feiler has done wonders for a chronic back issue that has plagued me for years. I would highly recommend him for his knowledge in Chiropractic medicine.The staff shows care and gets you in and out quickly.Ty Dr Feiler.

Patrick C.

Dr. Feiler & staff are friendly & helpful I feel a lot better when I leave the office.

Heber E.

Awesome staff and doctors!! Highly recommended!!

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Justin C.

Always great service and kind staff. I started to feel relief after the first treatment. Thank you Dr. Feiler!

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Christina A.

I like Dr. Feiler. I got an adjustment today and my neck feels much better. I feel confident about his diagnosis and treatment plan. Thanks. Dr. Feiler.


Dr Feiler is Awesome! I saw him for shoulder injuries and he was able to help heal it with no surgery! His staff is awesome too. Go see him, you will love him.

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John C.

One month ago, I started therapies at Maplewood wellness center for severe migraines. The Doctor and all the office staff are amazing! Everyone there is very friendly and pleasant. After two weeks of treatment, I began to see improvements, and after a month, I noticed significant changes! Dr. Feiler and his team have helped me a lot to reduce migraines and feel better. I am very satisfied with my results, and I recommend Maplewood wellness center 100%

Juanita A.

Maplewood Wellness is the place you MUST go! I injured my back and had spasms and striking pain making me unable to walk or stand. Dr. Feiler and his team did everything in their power to help me while I was in EXCRUCIATING pain, by the time I left I could walk and sit normal!! It was unbelievable how the pain subsided to bare minimal! This team is honest remarkable, they CARE and are GENUINE… Not just a business mentality. Thank you so much for helping me so that I could walk this Friday at my college graduation!

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Joey M.

Best place ever! Dr Feiler is very knowledgeable doctor.. Very clean office and the staff is very helpful. This is an awesome place to go for maintenance and especially if you are in pain Dr Feiler is the best to help you out..

Marlene M.

I couldn’t wait to get off from work to get therapy at this location. The doctor is very knowledgeable and the office manager was down to earth. I will visit this location again. THANKS!!!!!

Nic S.

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