Sexual Wellness
Orgasm Shot, ED Shot, Shockwave Therapy

O Shot & ED Shot

We provide discreet and confidential care for your sexual wellness concerns.

For females, the orgasm shot is an option to combat decreased sex drive, sexual dysfunction, inability to orgasm and urinary incontinence.

For males, the ED shot is a penis enhancement procedure that carries no risks or side effects and is the alternative to ED meds without the serious risks that ED meds can pose (stroke, heart attack, headache, or erections that last for too long). The shot is safe and is the #1 choice for erectile dysfunction brought on by age, medications, prostate issues, diabetes and Peyronies disease.

Shockwave Therapy

Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ECSWT) is an excellent option for non-invasive and low intensity shockwave to improve the blood flow of the penis for long term benefits.  The longitudinal waves generated by the vibration of the medical shockwave device encourages natural processes in the body.

Vaginal Rejuvenation

Benefits of the orgasm shot:
• greater arousal
• vaginal appearance
• stronger orgasm
• painful intercourse benefits
• lubrication benefits
• urinary benefits

Erectile Dysfunction

Benefits of the ED shot or shockwave therapy:
• firmness of erection
• girth and length
• stamina
• satisfaction
• prostate benefits
• urinary benefits

We understand the impact of sexual wellness and how it can greatly impact relationships and general well-being. There are safe FDA approved therapies available to you. Contact us today!

Maplewood Wellness

I was impressed with Dr. Feiler and his whole office staff! Very professional, very knowledgeable! Thankyou Dr. Feiler for making me feel better!

Steve C.

Best wellness center! A staff that cares and a clean welcoming office they are always friendly and I feel great after getting adjusted 😄👌👍

Brandon M.


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Trish S.

Always great service and kind staff. I started to feel relief after the first treatment. Thank you Dr. Feiler!

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Christina A.

I came in 3 weeks ago with lower back pain and I could barely move. He listened to me did an X-ray and then I have come in twice a week following his instructions. My pain is almost gone and I can move without wincing. Thank you Dr. Feiler!!

Kathy B.

One month ago, I started therapies at Maplewood wellness center for severe migraines. The Doctor and all the office staff are amazing! Everyone there is very friendly and pleasant. After two weeks of treatment, I began to see improvements, and after a month, I noticed significant changes! Dr. Feiler and his team have helped me a lot to reduce migraines and feel better. I am very satisfied with my results, and I recommend Maplewood wellness center 100%

Juanita A.

I like Dr. Feiler. I got an adjustment today and my neck feels much better. I feel confident about his diagnosis and treatment plan. Thanks. Dr. Feiler.


Maplewood Wellness Center has such a proactive & dedicated staff from Dr. Jeff to the assistants Diamond & Adam I have been a patient here for 3 months and my neck pain has decreased so much I was taught new stretches & exercises to relieve pain. Dr. Feiler recommends whole food nutrition options as well.


Very good am please with everyone good job!

Hermis Mcewan

I started going here a few months ago. They helped check my insurance to see what would be covered which was great. He is amazing. Super friendly guy and really knows what he is talking about. My back feels much better after visiting. They also have masseuses on hand who are great.

Scott S.

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